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Strength after the Birth

We hear about how strong we are as we make it through birth, but what about after the birth? We muster the strength to make it through the first few days and nights as our bodies begin the process of recovery: milk blasting through our breasts, nipples raw, bruised and/or repaired bottoms, sleeplessness.... that is scratching the surface. What if we have had a trauma before pregnancy and it has surfaced during this process that, for the most part, is a very joyous occasion? What if we don't get the postpartum support that we thought that we were going to have? What if breastfeeding isn't a breez

These are the questions that I hope to help you through during that sensitive, yet crucially important time in the lives of our babies and ourselves. Ideally, we will have hit on these subjects, though occasionally we may not hit some of them prenatally. My job after the birth is to observe and ask these missed or perhaps discussed questions to assist in continuing to cheer on and encourage mamas to muster the strength to get what they need after the birth.

Postpartum visits are individually designed, just like our prenatal visits and the labor and birth itself. It may this looks like any of these scenarios: I may do a weekly visit for the full 6 weeks after the birth, I might drop off groceries or make a meal, perhaps I end up spending more than an hour just working through the breastfeeding issues that may have arisen. I might do 5 visits within the first week, if that is what is needed.

I try my best to make professional connections so that if mama and baby need more than I have to offer, I know that they will be in good hands. Physically, emotionally, mentally- it is all connected and I hope to make sure that my clients know that they can contact me beyond the end of the first 6 weeks to ensure that she has regained her strength after the birth.

Below is a list of professionals who provide a variety of services before, during and after pregnancy. I would like to encourage every woman to research and educate herself so that she may be armed with the tools to continue to strengthen herself.

* Lori Barklage, Birthing Peace Within

* Sarah Pelfrey, Moms2bFit

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