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Welcoming Mia Jolie

"Me and my husband Tito have known Lori for over 3.5 years now. From the first time we met we were touched by her warm energy and sweet personality. At that time I was pregnant with our first daughter. Everytime we would come for a prenatal visit with my midwife Christine it was a pleasure to see Lori greeting us, the bond grew stronger each time we saw each other and very shortly she felt like a close long-time friend.By the time I got pregnant with my second daughter Lori was getting her licence in midwifery. I couldn't see myself giving birth with anyone else but my first midwife and Lori! In all truth, it was either giving birth with them or have an unassisted one. Without going into details I must say there were some challenges in order to have the birth I wanted and Lori went above and beyond to make everything happen.The prenatal visits were always fun and seemed too short. The birth went as perfect as it could have. Both midwives knew exactly what to do and just what to say at the right time while making themselves pretty much invisible when I needed my space. I couldn't have asked for better support and energy in the room at the most sensitive and vulnerable period of my life. Lori is one of the most caring, sweet, open-hearted, and positive human beings you'll find, making her the most wonderful midwife one could ask for. I feel very blessed and lucky we got to share our sacred family moments and meet together our new edition Mia Jolie with such an amazing caregiver. Should the Universe surprise us with another pregnancy there's no doubt in my mind who I will be calling to do it all over again!"  - Sasha

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