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Janelle, Stuart & Caleb

"I remember when Lori first decided to study midwifery.  And when I became pregnant, my decision was obvious as to who I wanted to be a part of this adventure.  Lori was there from the very beginning- one of the first people who knew we were pregnant.  She was there through everything- every question, every “uh oh- what does this mean?” text.  Maybe because we were friends, Lori was right there whenever I needed her. 


But I think it’s more than Lori being a good friend- it’s that she is a good midwife. When I asked for guidance and advice, she was a wealth of information.  I could not have asked for a better home birth experience with Lori by my side.  She spent my entire labor and delivery with me.  When I doubted myself, she showed me patience and encouragement.  She was a rock through the entire 19 hours.  I trusted her with my life and the life of my amazing angel!  And I would trust her again- 100 times over!!"  With much love, Janelle, Stuart, and baby Caleb

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