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Home Birth

Home birth is a decision that is made after education and careful consideration in regard to what is best for the growing family. Out-of-hospital birth is an option for women with low risk pregnancies and attended in South Carolina by Licensed Midwives. I have personally had a hospital birth, birth center birth and home birth. Of these three, my home birth is by far my favorite. I wish I could change them all to a home birth! Since I can't, I have made it a mission to be available to families to educate and help facilitate birth at home. Pregnancy and birth are normal functions of life and I believe that giving birth at home is a great example of a very special, normal life event for our children.
I have attended births in all types of homes for all types of families. There is no "home birth" stereotype because the mamas who choose to birth out of the hospital do not have a mold. Babies can be born in tiny apartments, lake side houses, townhomes or on working farms- anywhere the mom-to-be chooses!
As your midwife, I serve many roles during your home birth.  I will be with you during your labor, birth and the immediate post partum period observing you and the baby, suggesting position changes, providing pain relief and making sure you are hydrated and fed. It is important for you and the baby to establish breast feeding, therefore I will make sure that he has latched and you are comfortable. My assisant and I will do the laundry and tidy up before we go, after we have thoroughly assessed the baby and you, and made sure that you have eaten and are cozy in your bed.
Prenatally, we will have many visits which will enable us to get to know each other. As your midwife, you will have access to me via email, text and cell should you have any questions between appointments. Postpartum care will continue throughout the first 6 weeks after the birth.
Read more here about the requirements and qualifications to become a Certified Professional Midwife.
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