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Stephanie's Journey

"When, for the first time in my life, I saw two pink little lines on a stick that I peed on I was overjoyed and instantly overwhelmed. Smiling and crying, I called an OB-GYN and asked if I could come in for a test to confirm that I was pregnant. I was met with a disinterested, robotic response that there was no need until I was 8-10 weeks along and they could transfer me to such-and-such to make an appointment. Deflated, I hung up the phone. I then remembered the birth center in Fort Mill and dialed the number. Lori was the angel who answered. When I told her, a little less enthusiastically, that I saw two pink lines and I didn't know what to do her enthusiasm revived mine. You would've thought that I was calling to say she'd won the lottery with the level of joy that she showered on me. I was sold. Lori's care for me during my pregnancy was an empowering experience. I learned more about myself, my strengths, my abilities than ever before. Not every pregnancy ends in a photographic home birth and neither did mine. Our healthy baby girl was born via c-section after 42.5 weeks of pregnancy and 40 hours of laboring in a hospital. BUT I came away still empowered as I was an informed participant rather than feeling like I was pushed through a system. Lori's care during pregnancy allowed me to have an incredible birth experience even in a hospital setting and ending as it did. 

When pregnant with my second child, home birth was not an option due to the cesarean. The experience of prenatal care through an OB office solidified in my mind the superiority of a midwife's personal care.

Thank you, Lori, for being an incredible part of my becoming a mom and becoming a stronger version of myself. Your joy in new life is contagious." - Stephanie

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