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You can wait 42 weeks, but you don't have to...

SneakPeek Clinical Gender DNA

SneakPeek® Clinical lets you learn your baby’s gender as soon as the next day. Visit our office, have blood drawn on site, and receive results via email as early as the next day, with no extra fuss! Now the test is 99.9% accurate!?!

This test is accurate any time after 6 weeks of pregnancy, so if you really want to avoid an ultrasound, or verify one, this is the answer for you! 
This test is also for those who have recently experienced a miscarriage and would like to know their baby's gender.

Contact me today for details or to schedule an appointment. Makes a great gift!

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There are differences in the At-Home vs. Clinical testing that have added value.  Key advantages of SneakPeek Clinical include:


  • Personalized service from a health care professional.

  • Accuracy rates are the highest with the Clinical option – less chance of Y Chromosome contamination compared to the finger stick self-collection

  • Venipuncture – much easier than the finger stick process (A lot of moms don’t want to collect their own blood)

  • Overnight Express Shipping 

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