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Doula Services & VBAC Assistance

Doula Services


As a midwife, I believe that every woman should have the option to birth her baby in the way that is right for her. In South Carolina, I can attend mothers in their homes for their births, but at this time, in North Carolina, women do not have the legal option to hire a midwife to attend their births. Therefore, for North Carolina mothers who have the desire to labor in their homes and birth naturally at the hospital or in a birth center, I can be hired as a doula. A doula is a labor support person for the mother and her birth partner, ensuring that her space and birth right is held sacred.

When entering into a doula services contract with me in North Carolina, I cannot perform any clinical duties. The following are offered as part of this service:


  • Meet prenatally in your home with you and your birth partner

  • Attend 1-2 prenatal visits with you and your CNM or Ob

  • Arrive at your home when you are ready for support to make sure that you and your partner are well rested, are eating, and observing the process of labor

  • Help you decide when it is the right time to go to the hospital or birth center

  • Stay with you during your labor, birth and immediate postpartum period

  • Follow up phone call and home visit within the first few days after the birth

  • Breastfeeding support, available for questions and support within the first 6 weeks

  • 6 week follow up visit in your home or in my office, as desired


Add-ons to doula service:



VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)


I can attend a VBAC as a doula in a hospital setting. If a mother has never give birth vaginally, her labor and birth will be similar to that of a first time mother’s as her body and mind will need to get in sync in order to achieve a vaginal birth. It is possible! It is also healthier and safer for the mother and the baby than a repeat c-section birth. As your VBAC doula, I will be there for you to help you work through your previous experience with birth to help you understand that every birth is different and that every woman has the superpower to reach her goal. I require prenatal classes and preparation for this service. Read more here and here.

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